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Playing a recreational game of airsoft with a group of others is an activity that is very enjoyable by many. Though the game is lots of fun to play it must be understood that though airsoft weapons are not lethal they can still cause serious injury if safety precautions are not practiced.

When players are participating in a game they must always wear eye and face protection. The plastic 6mm and 8mm rounds are not fatal but if they were to hit someone in the face or worst the eyes, they can cause some very serious injuries to a player. To protect the eyes all players must wear goggles or shooting glasses, the goggles and shooting glasses must be the kind that are specifically made for airsoft games. If someone were to wear regular sunglasses or some other kinds of goggles that are not specifically made for airsoft they may get injured by the glass shattering when hit with a bullet which could possibly cause seriously injury their eyes.

Probably the best kind of protection that someone can wear are full face masks. Besides giving full protection to the eyes they will also protect the individuals whole face. Even thought full face masks offer more protection to the players, some players still prefer to wear the goggles due to things such as the mask interfering with them using equipment such as scopes. Also if the weather is very hot a mask can be very uncomfortable for the players.

Safety is the number one issue and is frequently practised by players when playing airsoft. When a player does not have on his goggles or face mask all players will stop shooting and will usually shout out “Cease fire, blind man!” Players are advised to never take off their protection even if they have already been hit and have their death rag on.