tactical airsoft

War games are probably some of the most popular activities among many kids. But instead of playing with sticks or video games, Airsoft is as close as you can get to the real action without any compromise in safety. The truth is that even many adults enjoy playing war games.

Airsoft is one of several types of recreational activities that simulate war and real weapons. Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets at speeds of less than 700 feet per second (FPS.) A BB Gun is a popular type of recreational firearm that is categorized as an air gun. However, there are some basic differences between an Airsoft gun and BB gun. A BB gun fires metallic projectiles at much faster velocities, usually about 1000 feet per second (FPS.) For such reasons, Airsoft guns are considered safer than BB guns.

Paintball is another popular activity that features war themes and weapons. Paintball guns are known as markers, which fire projectiles that explode with paint upon impact. Paintball markers fire projectiles at slower speeds than Airsoft guns. Additionally, paintball markers have more parts, which makes them heavier and more expensive than Airsoft guns.

One of the best advantages of Airsoft guns is the large variety of designs. Airsoft guns are essentially replica weapons of real guns and rifles. Popular weapon models such as the M16 rifle, AK-47 assault rifle, PPK pistol, and Sniper rifles are available as Airsoft guns. These world famous firearms are replicated with incredible detail when shaped into plastic Airsoft guns.

Since Airsoft guns resemble real weapons, there are laws to regulate these toy guns. In the United States, Airsoft guns must have orange tips to be distinguishable from real guns. There may also be age limits when buying Airsoft guns at local stores and online. Besides being used for war games in the backyard, Airsoft guns are sometimes applied in real military training. Since they are considered toys, Airsoft guns are usually cheap and cost under $100.