airsoft aeg

Airsoft rifles are impressive with its craftsmanship and style. The Full Auto Mac 11 w/Suppressor and case is complete with a suppressor making it a more enjoyable experience. This rifle is of the highest quality and is a version of the 380. This airsoft rifle is gas powered and is fully automatic firing at a rate of 1200 rounds per minute. This rifle comes with an aluminum gun case, target, and more.

The Full Metal Broomhandle 96 Mauser is modeled after the historic Mauser 96 rifle. It is full size and features full wood and metal construction and is accurate up to 497 fps. This is a high quality rifle that will impress your friends and fellow players. The Full Metal Broomhandle 96 Mauser is a replica that is available at a great price and will give you the satisfaction of surprising others with your skills. You’ll find dsome great info over at the UK airsoft Zone forums here.

Used by the Navy Seals Tactical Units is The CQB Navy Seal MP5 Spring, which is a light weight rifle that is great for any marksman. The CQB Navy Seal MP5 Spring Rifle is a quality firearm that has spring action operation for faced paced shooting and professional firepower. This airsoft rifle is offered in a matte black finish.

The Crosman Stinger R34- Clear is also an airsoft rifle that has the pump action barrel with a clear plastic magazine and holds up to 400 BB’s. Reloading is no problem with the spring air repeater fo easy and quick reloading of your weapon. This rifle has a pistol grip which make it easy to hold and this airsoft AK47 follows all legal standards for airsoft weapons with it’s orange plastic tip.

The Well 27 P90 AEG w/accessories is a 1 to 1 scale replica of the project P-90. This is a heavy-weight rifle with a sleek body which makes for easy handling. The Well 27 P90 AEG comes with an adjustable strap that fits comfortably over the shoulders and slides off with ease. This rifle is fully automatic and comes with a rechargeable NiCad battery.