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How Dangerous are Airsoft Guns?

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Airsoft Guns were discovered in Japan in the mid 1970s when the military banned the use of real artillery. Over the years they became something of a rage all over the world. Airsoft guns have become the latest gun replicas and this is the reason for the rising popularity among people loving adventurous sports. There are various types of Airsoft Guns available in the market and deciding on which one you want would depend on the requirements and the activities you are going to undertake with it. These types of guns are also used for training purposes in police camps. They cost much less than real guns and help for training purposes because even though they are not real guns they look and feel the same – more on the history of airsoft can be found here.

Using these airsoft guns helps in eye-hand co-ordination for kids but they should not be left alone with these guns. They might unknowingly hit someone in the vicinity and hurt them, or if there are houses nearby, they might break the windows causing problems between you and your neighbors.

Airsoft guns are divided into three main categories. Spring Airsoft guns are the most popular guns in the category. They look like the real thing which the kids love. They are also believed to have a higher level of safety and flexibility and are more economical. The next popular Airsoft gun is the electric Airsoft gun which work with rechargeable batteries. These were also developed first in Japan and are made with both plastic and metal. Needless to say, the metal version of Airsoft guns, look just like the original guns. Gas Airsoft guns are powered with carbon dioxide or green gas and look like the real thing.

Some game stations use Airsoft guns for recreational purposes. They make sure that the shooting grounds are secure and nobody gets shot “inadvertently”. They work under specific rules and regulations that protect the member’s rights and interests.

The unique selling proposition of these Airsoft guns also works against them. Since they look real, if a prankster takes one to a local store and points it at the clerk standing at the cash register, he is likely to get away with it. Or he might cause a terrified clerk to shoot defensively if the clerk himself has access to firearms. On the other hand, it could protect you when you are out at night and somebody holds you up. You can point this gun at them in self defense. Who is going to tell the criminal that it is just an Airsoft gun? According to the federal law in the US, Airsoft guns are not classified under firearms and they are considered legal. What’s more, you don’t even need to have a license to own an Airsoft gun.

Recreational Airsoft is on the Rise

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When it comes to recreational sports, airsoft is on the rise. It currently is more popular overseas but is quickly becoming a mainstream sport here in the United Kingdom as well. Many people have heard of airsoft but do not know much about it or how it is played. This article is meant to give you a quick overview of the sport of airsoft, and why it is becoming so popular.

The game centers around the airsoft rifles. Airsoft rifles are similar to BB guns in that they are smaller, however, they fire small plastic pellets or bb’s. One of the fun things about the game is the number of different rifles there are to choose from. A lot of the models are actual replicas of real world weapons. This makes game scenarios a lot more fun because many of the competitions are re-enactments of certain war eras. This is not always the case, but it does offer a fun alternative to your simple run and gun exhibition matches. You can be as authentic as you want when running these scenarios, including using the same kind of ammunition and rounds. This makes the game a lot more fun, and also gives it somewhat of a story element amid all of the running and shooting that is involved. Whether you choose to indulge in these World War II, Vietnam, or Civil War scenarios is up to you, but either way you will likely be entertained.

Another way to play is to just have a free-for-all of sorts. This is where the players can use any number of different weapons and ammunition. This allows players to try out a number of different airsoft guns and see how they react when they are subjected to different conditions. These open area type matches are a lot easier to organize as long as you have people willing to play. Otherwise it might be better to go to a local airsoft center to have organized matches and team play.

All in all, airsoft is an incredibly fun way to simulate real combat situations – a great resource can be found here It allows young people to participate in some of the competitive aspects of war without actually placing them in any harm. Keep in mind that there are some protective items you should wear just to be safe, including eye goggles. For the most part, airsoft guns and ammo are completely safe and offer a great way to have fun with friends while still getting that exciting adrenaline rush.

What to Consider When Buying Airsoft Guns

airsoft teamsThere are a wide variety of airsoft guns manufactured today, yet many of the different makes and models have varying degrees of reliability as well as performance. In some cases this can directly be tied to the price that is being paid for the gun with some people opting for the more expensive high powered guns while others want something that is affordable as well as reliable. This is why you must consider a number of different factors when looking at the lower priced airsoft guns.

A common mistake that many people make when purchasing the lower priced airsoft guns is to go with those models that have the greatest amount of power. While this is no doubt important, the reality is that the more expensive guns have the ideal amounts of power that you need any kind of inexpensive gun will not be able to match the more expensive ones as far as this is concerned. Even though the lower priced models might not have as much power, they will allow you to make close range shots without having to spend a small fortune on an airsoft gun. This is important because while power does matter to a certain extent, accuracy is what counts the most. One way to be the most accurate is to go for close range shots.

Next you would want to consider the overall reliability of the gun. This is important because many of the different airsoft guns have various reliability records, to find an affordable and reliable airsoft gun requires that you make sure that it can provide a consistent rate of fire. What happens is many guns could be made of plastic or metal, depending upon the materials used the overall reliability of the gun could be affected.

Clearly shopping for cheap airsoft guns can be challenging and it helps to have UKARA membership. However, by considering the above factors when shopping for the different guns will help you find one that will work well for your situation, allowing you to save money and time.

Airsoft History

airsoft tacticsAirsoft guns are replicas of firearms developed for recreational purposes. They are designed after actual firearms but propel non-metallic bullets or pellets. Replica Airsoft guns come in various models and are operated based on the mechanism that drives the pellet. They can be operated manually, via a spring, electric motor or using compressed gas. Airsoft guns can shoot pellets at velocities within 100 to 600ft/s. The fire mechanism of the guns fire pellets using a piston that compresses pockets of air behind the BB. The standard weight of the guns is .12 – .30 grams although some models can weigh as up to .43grams

The history of Airsoft guns can be traced back to Japan during the 80s. Back then it was illegal to own firearms although there was huge interest in them. Spurred by the available interest in firearms, manufacturers began to produce replicas of the real thing. The guns they produced looked real enough but were designed to fire various calibers of rubber or plastic BBs. Over time the design and capacity of the guns were improved and standardized 6mm and 8mm sized bullets were used and a lot of discussion about these changes can be found over at airsoft forums uk. The first models were spring powered but they later were largely replaced by gas powered models. Now there exist various models in different shapes using various systems and mechanism. Airsoft guns were introduced into North America around the mid 90s.

Airsoft guns are considered safe for players above 10 years. The pellets or BBs travel at relatively low velocity so that impact is not enough to pierce the skin. Some Airsoft guns make use of heavier projectiles such as metals or copper which can penetrate the skin. Such heavy projectiles are usually banned from all Airsoft games events. By law most states in America require that an orange marker be placed on the tips of Airsoft guns to differentiate them from real firearms.

05/03: Chinese MG34

05/03: Chinese MG34

Rumour mill has it that JG or AGM are currently working on a Cheapsoft MG34 !
No great detail as yet but we shall be keeping a very close eye on developments.

Recreational Airsoft Guns

airsoft weaponAn airsoft gun is typically a very detailed replica of a firearm that is created for recreational purposes. Many times they do not just look real, but often made to seem real right down to the manufactures markings. This type of gun propels round pellets that are either 6mm or 8mm and shoot at speeds ranging from 100 to 6000 feet per second. The pellets are made of plastic and weigh anywhere between .12 and .88 grams. The most common weights used are .2 and .25 grams because they have the best range and accuracy combined. The speed of the pellets is driven by a spring-driven piston or compressed gas and depending on which mechanism is used, it can be operated manually or cycled by an electric, gas or battery operated motor.

Airsoft guns are used for many different activities and vary from one country to another. In Asia, for example, there are strict laws regarding firearm ownership and use. Popular activities include gun shooting, competition and skill shooting. In western countries, like the United Kingdom, activities involving airsoft guns include military training, competition and recreational shooting – a list of sites can be found here on Airsoft Map UK.

Safety is most important with airsoft guns. The following are guidelines for the best protection when using an airsoft gun:

~always point in a safe direction
~keep your finger off the trigger until shooing
~never point at a person or animal
~remove the magazine or disconnect the battery until using the gun, the safety is sometimes not enough protection
~always wear eye protection; a full mask is highly recommended for the person shooting as well as anyone in the surrounding area

Airsoft Game Safety

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Playing a recreational game of airsoft with a group of others is an activity that is very enjoyable by many. Though the game is lots of fun to play it must be understood that though airsoft weapons are not lethal they can still cause serious injury if safety precautions are not practiced.

When players are participating in a game they must always wear eye and face protection. The plastic 6mm and 8mm rounds are not fatal but if they were to hit someone in the face or worst the eyes, they can cause some very serious injuries to a player. To protect the eyes all players must wear goggles or shooting glasses, the goggles and shooting glasses must be the kind that are specifically made for airsoft games. If someone were to wear regular sunglasses or some other kinds of goggles that are not specifically made for airsoft they may get injured by the glass shattering when hit with a bullet which could possibly cause seriously injury their eyes.

Probably the best kind of protection that someone can wear are full face masks. Besides giving full protection to the eyes they will also protect the individuals whole face. Even thought full face masks offer more protection to the players, some players still prefer to wear the goggles due to things such as the mask interfering with them using equipment such as scopes. Also if the weather is very hot a mask can be very uncomfortable for the players.

Safety is the number one issue and is frequently practised by players when playing airsoft. When a player does not have on his goggles or face mask all players will stop shooting and will usually shout out “Cease fire, blind man!” Players are advised to never take off their protection even if they have already been hit and have their death rag on.

Airsoft is Sweeping The Nation

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Airsoft is sweeping the nation. It is cheaper, less messy, and easier to set up than paintball matches, and usually doesn’t hurt as bad – if you want to get involved check out your local site here:

Airsoft brings a sense of realism to simulated combat. That is probably the most exciting part of the whole game. The guns have been manufactured to look almost exactly like the real thing. They have the same slides, bolts, and even the same markings. The only real difference is that they shoot small plastic pellets or bb’s. This sense of realism is also characterized in a lot of real game play as well. Many of the matches are geared to imitate an actual war era. There are air soft guns that resemble World War II and Vietnam weapons, and even have the same kind of ammunition clips. This offers a whole new dimension to the game because people can simulate actual war situations of that era using the same kinds of guns. These scenarios are not crucial, but they do give air soft some variety that you won’t find in any paintball situation.

Because of the realistic recreation of combat that airsoft provides, it is important to make sure that you take some steps to keep you and your friends safe. The last thing you want to do is have someone lose an eye. There are some mandatory protective procedures that you should always remember to use so that you don’t have any accidents.

First or all, treat every air soft gun as if it was loaded. This is important so that you don’t point them at people’s faces or fire them blindly. For your own safety, you should never look down the barrel of your air soft gun. This could be extremely hazardous. Also, never take off your goggles. If the pellets hit your skin it will leave a small welt and will hurt for a minute but no real damage can be done, but if it hits your eyes it can cause some real damage.

Airsoft matches can be some of the most realistic simulations of combat action. This allows you to get technical and creative and have some really fun games. Whether you choose historic scenarios or have a free-for-all, make sure that you follow proper safety procedures so that you and your friends can have an injury free experience.

Sniper Rifle Options

airsoft sniper

Airsoft sniper guns are typically the most powerful of all the airsoft guns, simply because they are intended for long range target practice.

Airsoft sniper guns shoot out the same plastic bb pellets that all airsoft guns shoot out, but the spring loader in the gun is much larger and more powerful than the pistol or even airsoft shotgun. Aside from the larger spring, there are also airsoft snipers that run on co2 to give an even more powerful shot. While the airsoft sniper is made to be more powerful than the other airsoft guns, the price of the sniper runs in the same direct correlation as all guns in quality. The higher the price for the gun, the higher quality of an airsoft sniper you will get. Being the most powerful of the airsoft class of guns, the airsoft sniper runs in the hundreds of dollars for the mid to upper class version of the firearm, and in the lower hundred dollar range for the entry level sniper.

The lowest quality of an airsoft sniper is typically equivalent to the mid to upper quality of a pistol in terms of power, and a mid range for the airsoft shotgun power range.

The airsoft sniper is best utilized for team play in a covered area. If you are buying the gun to play a capture the flag based type of airsoft game, then the gun is great for long range playing fields. The gun however is not the weapon of choice for smaller playing fields, but it still can be utilized for its power. Aside from the actual airsoft games, the sniper is great for target practice and introducing young ones to gun safety at a much more manageable level.

Overall if you play airsoft, or are interested in the guns, check out how an airsoft sniper can benefit you.

Looking Into The Sport?


Are you looking to get involved in the widely known sport of airsoft? If so, then you will need to learn the basics, starting with the equipment. Because this sport has become so popular, there is a gigantic market associated with it, meaning that there are tons of different accessories and items intended to be used for the game. Besides the ammo and safety equipment, the next most important item is your gun. Most experts will recommend that you start off with airsoft rifles rather than pistols. The reason for this statement is due to the fact that most of the pistols are cheap and have a very low foot per second value. Before getting into the specifics, let’s narrow down your search by discussing the desired features.

What kind of airsoft rifle are you looking for? Do you want an entry level gun or one that will last? These are all questions that are better answered before you go out and make your purchase. Why you might ask? Well, if you go ahead and make a hasty purchase now, then it is likely that you may become extremely dissatisfied with the model that you choose. It is always better to go ahead and do your research beforehand and make a decision based on that data – check out the British Airsoft Club for more info.

The main two aspects of airsoft rifles that are discussed the most are velocity and style. Almost every player wants a gun that is accurate and fast. The higher the fps value, the more likely that the gun will be expensive. The main subdivisions of rifles are single shot, semi auto, and full auto. Those looking for more precision airsoft accuracy should consider a sniper model. These will more than likely have a greater accuracy and speed than other models. Semi automatic and fully automatic airsoft guns are more for the player who wants to spray as many bb’s as possible. However, these models tend to be less accurate, but are just as effective.

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