airsoft electric gun

Airsoft guns, although replicas that shoot BB’s, are actually toys. The BB’s are much less dangerous than metal BB’s and rarely do they break a window, kill a bird, or hurt anyone by breaking the skin. Airsoft guns are available in electric battery power, compressed gas, or spring power.

Before going out an buying an airsoft gun one should do their homework. Each of the three types offer different velocities. The spring powered guns usually have the lowest velocity and is manufactured more cheaply. On the other end is the gas power. It is of high quality and offers a medium to high velocity. These are usually the airsoft guns chosen for war games. They are accurate and have a long range. The battery powered electric guns are popular if you are looking for a long gun. The batteries in these airsoft guns are rechargeable. They fall into the medium range for velocity.

If you are considering buying an airsoft gun for a child you should consider those that are spring powered. They are less dangerous and they usually will not be mistaken by others for a real gun. The gas or electric powers airsoft guns have a much more sophisticated look – much more like a replica gun. They are often constructed with metal parts and their weight is generally equal to a real gun. The more expensive guns have moving parts. They usually have markings and serial numbers from the manufacturer.

After you have completed your homework you will be ready to make your purchase. Where to buy your airsoft gun will depend on the type you want to buy. The more basic gun can often be bought at a store speciazling in sporting goods. However, the more serious replicas will need to be purchased at a speciality store or online.