Are you looking to get involved in the widely known sport of airsoft? If so, then you will need to learn the basics, starting with the equipment. Because this sport has become so popular, there is a gigantic market associated with it, meaning that there are tons of different accessories and items intended to be used for the game. Besides the ammo and safety equipment, the next most important item is your gun. Most experts will recommend that you start off with airsoft rifles rather than pistols. The reason for this statement is due to the fact that most of the pistols are cheap and have a very low foot per second value. Before getting into the specifics, let’s narrow down your search by discussing the desired features.

What kind of airsoft rifle are you looking for? Do you want an entry level gun or one that will last? These are all questions that are better answered before you go out and make your purchase. Why you might ask? Well, if you go ahead and make a hasty purchase now, then it is likely that you may become extremely dissatisfied with the model that you choose. It is always better to go ahead and do your research beforehand and make a decision based on that data – check out the British Airsoft Club for more info.

The main two aspects of airsoft rifles that are discussed the most are velocity and style. Almost every player wants a gun that is accurate and fast. The higher the fps value, the more likely that the gun will be expensive. The main subdivisions of rifles are single shot, semi auto, and full auto. Those looking for more precision airsoft accuracy should consider a sniper model. These will more than likely have a greater accuracy and speed than other models. Semi automatic and fully automatic airsoft guns are more for the player who wants to spray as many bb’s as possible. However, these models tend to be less accurate, but are just as effective.