airsoft weapon

Airsoft guns are reproductions of firearms which are typically highly detailed and can be very realistic looking. Airsoft guns are made for recreational purposes. Many countries and states have regulations regarding airsoft guns due to their realistic look. The restrictions for airsoft guns involve transporting an airsoft gun, no markings, or trademarks, on an airsoft gun that are on a real gun, the velocity of the airsoft gun pellet or bb’s, and marking the end of the barrel of the airsoft gun for identification purposes.

Airsoft gun owners play military games, simulations, or role playing games, usually at field built for this purpose. Airsoft guns are also used for military and law enforcement training, and historical reenactments. All real guns are always banned from airsoft gun playing fields so there is no chance of a mix up in weapons. Players and observers are usually required to wear protective eyewear or masks.

There are several different types of airsoft guns. Some have an electric motor, others use compressed gas. Airsoft pellets or bb’s are made of plastic with biodegradable pellets being a popular choice today and required by many commerical fields. The popularity of airsoft guns began when guns were banned in Japan in the 80’s. There was still alot of interest in guns and reproductions began to be manufactured. In the US airsoft guns are legal for any age and are sold at many popular chain stores, sporting goods stores and online.