airsoft aeg

Airsoft is a shooting based sport that involves plastic made guns that propel plastic bb’s at a high velocity. There are several different branches of the sport of airsoft that include games such as capture the flag and last man standing, as well as gun safety and target practice. There are several hundred types of airsoft guns created, but the key weapons used are the pistol, shotgun, rifle, and sniper. These airsoft guns can be powered through a loaded spring, battery supply, or even compressed air in the form of co2. Each method used to power the guns has its advantages and disadvantages, but they all work to propel the plastic bb ammo supply at a high velocity. There are some great guides on the types of airsoft guns available on the Defcon Airsoft blog.

The spring loaded airsoft guns are the most commonly powered types of airsoft guns, simply because they are easy to manufacture and are reliable. While some of the lower end models of the spring loaded airsoft guns lose power and break down with time, the higher up models keep the elasticity of the spring to a tight enough tension to keep a steady firing pace shot after shot. While the spring loaded airsoft gun is often the cheapest of the three methods of power, it can only shoot one bb per cockback which can be a disadvantage for some.

The battery powered airsoft gun is the second most commonly found power source for airsoft guns. The battery powered gun comes with the ability to shoot many bb’s in one cockback, but comes with a power disadvantage,

The co2 powered airsoft gun is the least commonly powered of the weaponry, and at a sacrifice to price for cartridge refills, the co2 brings with it a much more powerful advantage to airsoft games.

Overall, if you are looking into the sport of airsoft, check out the various airsoft guns and their power supples that can help you get out on the field and shooting and get as many games as you can in at your local site so you can get your UKARA membership.